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You can’t expect to play your best on an empty stomach, so start the day right with some delicious food!  Thanks to our gracious sponsor, Honeywell, all golfers will be sure to hit the course with a full belly!  We are not responsible for how big your belly looks…but it will be full!  Honeywell has been helping to create the future for over 100 years, and continues to charge forward in numerous industries.  And you can’t create a great future if you’re hangry.  So thank you, Honeywell!
Q: Can I have seconds?

A: As long as everyone can have a shot at some food, and there are leftovers, yes!

Q: Does Honeywell own a well full of honey somewhere?  That’d be perfect for my pancakes and waffles!

A: To our knowledge, they do not.  However, that would be a delicious tasting pool!!

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Do you hear your stomach growling right now?  No, I didn’t think so.  That’s because Honeywell has provided all golfers with coffee and breakfast to make sure the bears don’t mistake your growling stomach with that of their mating call!


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